FCL Terms & Conditions


  1. Customer shall be responsible for the cost of demurrage/storage/detention based upon Supplier's policy when it occurs.
  2. All bookings accepted by SSC Consolidation are subject to local demurrage/detention/storage regulations implied by the carrier, terminal, or rail facility. Free times and rates can be requested upon demand with an SSC Consolidation representative. SSC Consolidation is not obliged to mention the exact free time in the booking confirmation.
  3. SSC Consolidation preserves the right to charge demurrage/storage/detention when the free time has been exceeded.
  4. Demurrage/storage/detention generated at destination will be for the account of the consignee, SSC Consolidation cannot be held responsible.
  5. Containers will be provided on the requested pick-up date subject to availability, in case of shortage SSC Consolidation cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences.

2. IMO

  1. Receipt of an SSC Consolidation booking confirmation shall not be construed as a confirmation of acceptance of Hazardous/Dangerous cargo. Such cargo will only be accepted subject to the shipper or his agent supplying correctly completed and signed Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms and receiving written acceptance from SSC Consolidation notifying that such hazardous/dangerous cargo as described on the relevant Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms has been accepted by the Vessel Operator for the particular ocean voyage as per booking. Any costs, expenses, fines, and penalties associated with cargo presented for shipment without such written acceptance from SSC Consolidation confirming the acceptance of hazardous/dangerous cargo, incorrectly completed and/or signed Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms, or containers not having correct placards shall be for cargo interests’ account. SSC Consolidation shall not be liable for any consequential losses or damages arising from the rejection or refusal to load hazardous/dangerous cargo by the Vessel Operator.
  2. The booking party holds all responsibility in regards to piece counts, weights, and all other related hazardous information.
  3. We must have the Dangerous Goods Declaration for each container containing IMO cargo. The DGD must show the complete cargo description, the container number(s), the stuffing contractors, shippers and consignee, emergency phone number (s) and must be properly stamped and signed by a competent person. If we do not have the DGD in our possession within this time limit and/or if some of the above data are missing, we will have no alternative but to put the container(s) on hold for the account of and at-risk and liability of the shippers.


  1. Sanctions and Import/Export Control Laws. It is the booking party responsibility to ensure that this Booking Confirmation complies with all applicable trade sanctions and import/export control laws (“Sanctions”). The Merchant is strictly liable to indemnify the Carrier for all costs, losses, damages, and consequences whatsoever arising out of any failure by the Merchant to comply with Sanctions. SSC Consolidation reserves the right to ensure compliance with Sanctions applicable to the Carrier.
  2. In case of bookings related to cargoes subject to the EU Waste Regulation 1013/2006 and the Basel Convention, the Merchant commits to fully comply with the provisions and requirements of this Regulation and Convention and acknowledges being fully liable in case of non-compliance.


  1. Sending of Bills of Lading and Sea Waybills. Bills of Lading or Sea Waybills will be available for the booking party to collect from the SSC Consolidation Agency office, but should the Merchant request them to be sent, this shall be at the Merchants own risk and expense. Carrier and SSC Consolidation accept no liability whatsoever.
  2. Customs Fines. It is the booking party‘s responsibility to file a customs declaration correctly and in due time. If the Carrier or his agent is fined in consequence of the booking party’s late, incomplete or erroneous filing, the Merchant shall indemnify the Carrier or the agent for the fine and for all costs, losses, and expenses whatsoever incidental thereto. In case of shipment without a customs document resulting from the booking party’s failure to provide such customs declaration in due time and ultimately 24 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel on which the cargo is intended to be loaded, the booking party will be fully liable for the customs fine and will indemnify the Carrier or his agent in case of such customs fine being addressed to the Carrier or his agent. Shipments without proper customs documents and registration will be short shipped, all charges involved will be for the account of the booking party. When SSC Consolidation has been appointed to perform a customs declaration the required info will need to be presented 12 hrs prior to closing to the appointed SSC representative.
  3. Shippers have to provide the full and complete name, physical address, phone and fax numbers of notify party. If this information is not provided, shippers will be responsible for all costs and consequences arising due to delay in collection of the container by receivers at the destination.
  4. Kindly provide Harmonised System code in your booking, consisting of a minimum of 6 characters. Harmonised System code is imperatively to be mentioned on the manifest.
  5. Should the cargo details as furnished at the time of this booking be inaccurate, your services as a booking party will be held liable for any resulting costs, expenses, and/or damages incurred whatsoever. Misdeclaration of cargo weights could result in containers being short shipped, with surcharges being applicable. Any consequential charges to be for the account of the booking party.
  6. For shipments of European Union goods, the Merchant is under a duty to advise such customs status to the Carrier or his agent at the time of the booking. In case of non-availability of this information, the goods will be considered as non-European goods; all fines and costs resulting from this discrepancy will be for the Merchant’s account and at his risk.
  7. Shipping Instructions: These MUST be available on the closing date at the absolute latest - failure to comply may result in the postponement of the shipping at cost and responsibility of the shipper.
  8. Shipper on the ocean Bill of Lading is legally responsible for arranging VGM either at premises/en-route/Terminal.Providing VGM details after given closing will result in short shipment and the booking party will be held responsible for all charges due to late filing.
  9. The gross weight given at the time of booking must match the weight given in the documentation/shipping instruction. Differences can result in Yard Adjustment Charges.
  10. SSC Consolidation is not responsible for the actual content of the container/packages. All official documentation will be based on SLAC (shipper load stow and count).


  1. The booking parties are herewith informed that the booking is subject to documentation fees due at destination, in addition to other local charges, payable prior to delivery. For further information please contact your local SSC Consolidation Agent.
  2. All rates are subject to any surcharges and/or freight additionals valid at the time of shipment, applicable without pre-notice and related to the trade, such as but not limited to: emergency surcharges, security surcharges, congestion, surcharges, bunker surcharges, currency adjustment factor, peak season surcharges, piracy risk surcharges, war risk premium surcharges, general rate increase, overweight surcharges, etc.
  3. Amendment to the Bills of Lading after the given documentation dates can be subjected to manifest correction fee's irrespective of confirmation of the draft Bill of Lading.
  4. Amendments and or cancellation of a booking may result in amendment fee's and or cancellation fee's. Ask your SSC representative before booking.


  1. According to the I.S.P.S. rules and regulations, we herewith inform you that on all export containers an ISO/PAS 17712 standard for high-security seal must be used. In case the container arrives at the terminal without his seal, the terminal will attach such a seal and we will have to debit you for this intervention.
  2. Fumigation / Phytosanitary. It is the Merchants responsibility to provide fumigation and/or phytosanitary certificates in good time for presentation to authorities as required and the merchant is responsible for all consequences of failing comply.
  3. If the cargo received by the Carrier is refrigerated container(s) into which the contents have been packed by or on behalf of the Merchant, it is the obligation of the Merchant to stow the contents properly and set the thermostatic controls exactly. The Carrier shall not be liable for a loss of or damage to the goods arising out of or resulting from the Merchant's failure in such obligation. Trucker should go to reefer gate at terminal first.
  4. Fumigation/Phytosanitary. It is the booking party's responsibility to provide fumigation and/or phytosanitary certificates in good time for presentation to authorities as required and the Merchant is responsible for all consequences of failing to do so.


  1. It is Merchant's responsibility to ensure that the gross cargo weight loaded into containers does not exceed the maximum payload as specified by container manufacturers and classification societies and clearly indicated on every container. In the case of Pre-/On-Carriage, it is the booking party's responsibility that weight does comply with the valid legal and/or local limitations.


  1. Exact piece count, weight and goods description must be given 1 day in advance to SSC Consolidation, in order to ensure timely and smooth operational handling. SSC Consolidation can not be held responsible for any charges in regards to waiting time at the appointed warehouse.
  2. 24hrs prior to closing the goods will need to be delivered at an SSC warehouse, loading can not be guaranteed otherwise.
  3. In case of Hazardous cargo the goods will have to be accompanied by a DGD and MSDS, without these documents the cargo will not be accepted