Shipping Tools from SSC
Free and Convenient
  • CFS Finder

    Search an international listing of our CFS

  • Container Specifications

    Display specifications for a variety of container types

  • Country Restrictions

    Find country-specific facts and regulations

  • Currency Converter

    Make calculations easy; convert any amount of money into your preferred currency

  • Dialing Code

    Find country dial and city area codes for any country

  • Global Weather

    Look up current conditions and forecasts globally

  • Hazardous Information

    Brush up on the regulations for hazardous material in bulk

  • Incoterms

    Stay in the know of current International Commercial Terms

  • International Holidays

    View the full list of international holidays

  • Ocean Freight Volume Calculator

    Calculate volume of shipping for ocean cargo

  • Shipping Glossary

    Familiarize yourself with a glossary of shipping terms and look up unknown abbreviations

  • UN Location Codes

    View the full list of location codes in each country

  • World Time Zone

    Compare world time zones and time map with current time